Friday, February 17, 2006

It's Done AMEN

We got to the hospital at 630am today. They did my instake questions. I got changed. They started my iv and gave me all my meds for my stomach[ i have a hietal hernia so they have to be more careful when sedating me and keeping my tummy from not being upset. David was with me along with my mother in law Joanne. The Anesthsialogist came in an explained that he would be giving me a longer tube in my throat due to my hietal hernia but we have to remind them to be careful of my vocal chords since i sing...since this tube would GO through my chords. Around 815am they took me back and i was in there a few mintes before DOWN i went...I came out of surgery two hours later. It was a deep cut in my throat since i am heavier they have to go deeeper. the cut in below my left ear. then there is another incision under my left armpit. Both are VERY sore even though they are technically NUMB still.[I didn't know they would numb the area!!! did anyone else have this]I was numb all the way up to my mouth and i couldn't swallow solids at all..had to really gulp fluids to get my pain pills down. I was home at 330pm and although tired and sore...Iwas expecting the pain to be much worse!!!!! I was told day 3 is the worst as that's the peak swelling and pian levels. I am also swollen enough that i cannot yet feel where the actuall stimulator is located. I think i can tell based on where it's most sore but i still can't feel it.

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