Monday, February 27, 2006

I am finally home alone

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! But i missed my peace and quiet during the days. My husband took last week as vacation when we realized that I wasn't healing well had a very sore throat and almost no voice AND had trouble chewing and swallowing [this part has changed---i still have to chew on my right side BUT my swallowing is FINE as long as i don't rush it] So i slept in this morning after making sure the kids were up for school. I am doing some blogging on this and my other new blog which i am starting...yes i am nuts LOL
I figure this one gets boring just talking about vns--and although that's a big part of my life other things are going on..including missed concerts by my children this weekend as i was still coughing and in too much pain to sit through them:(
I am still sore in both incision spots--MOSTLY under my arm which is very tender..but then again--they did put a foreign body into my body and then left it there. I see my dr surgeon again on March 15th. Then i will be able to have it turned on AMEN....the fun begins!!!!

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