Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well it's SUMMER

Well everyone things are going well. My seizures aren't any better, BUT I don't seem to care. I am finally living my life thanks to the VNS helping my depression. I am getting my vns turned up again on June 22. We shall see how that goes. I also am working at home for a couple of places and doing Mary Kay[ http://www.marykay.com/kimmarquart ] I am hoping to get some people who want to be reps for mary kay. I do my business ONLINE mostly so it's great if you wanna do it that way!!!

I hope everyone has a great summer....
And don't forget to check back. I am going to write more often as soon as I am not so NUTSO busy LOL


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nothing new really

Nothing terribly new....I am having face pain still but out of vicodin and really don't wanna get addicted to it. But it seems i am getting some muscle and neck feeling controls etc back[ wow that makes no sense ]. I am hoping that the pain will subside as it heals more[ after a year you would think it would've been healed. I haven't had it turned up recently and need to schedule an appt with my nuero for meds so might see if he thinks it should be turned up. I mean..same ole seizures JUST less depression WOOHOO

I am still working from home and worry about what a higher amp to my throat/head would do to my talking voice. Right now i have pretty much adjusted to it at 1 amp. We shall see.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeah i am updating

I have been sharing this link with some friends from work and from a new group I am on...and well i should update on here.

I am doing well. Still working from home and LOVING IT!!!! HI WORKER FRIENDS!!!

The problem i seem to be having now is face pain and jaw pain from my vns. So we are taking pain meds for it until I can get into to see my surgeon. Hopefully before he leaves the area and I have to find another one.

The face and jaw pain get terrible by the time i go to bed but I keep my chin up. My job surely helps. great people and keeps me busy!!!
huggles and i will write again sometime soon LOL