Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nothing new really

Nothing terribly new....I am having face pain still but out of vicodin and really don't wanna get addicted to it. But it seems i am getting some muscle and neck feeling controls etc back[ wow that makes no sense ]. I am hoping that the pain will subside as it heals more[ after a year you would think it would've been healed. I haven't had it turned up recently and need to schedule an appt with my nuero for meds so might see if he thinks it should be turned up. I mean..same ole seizures JUST less depression WOOHOO

I am still working from home and worry about what a higher amp to my throat/head would do to my talking voice. Right now i have pretty much adjusted to it at 1 amp. We shall see.

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Emeriol said...

Glad to hear that the depression is down! I hope the seizures get better! :)