Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeah i am updating

I have been sharing this link with some friends from work and from a new group I am on...and well i should update on here.

I am doing well. Still working from home and LOVING IT!!!! HI WORKER FRIENDS!!!

The problem i seem to be having now is face pain and jaw pain from my vns. So we are taking pain meds for it until I can get into to see my surgeon. Hopefully before he leaves the area and I have to find another one.

The face and jaw pain get terrible by the time i go to bed but I keep my chin up. My job surely helps. great people and keeps me busy!!!
huggles and i will write again sometime soon LOL

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Emeriol said...

How are the seizures? Fewer? More? I hope the VNS starts to help... maybe your surgeon can adjust the location of the leads... Good luck with that!