Monday, October 30, 2006

Seizure day

Ok so I had a seizure today...WEIRD....nope...what is weird is this time I REMEMBER FALLING. This has never happened before and maybe I am dreaming it. But I think I remember falling on the floor.....Will talk to the DR on thursday and see what he says.

We had the car looked at today. Nothing big just some noises we wanted to have checked out while we are still in warranty. They just oiled the chassis and all is well.

Working at home is going well. Doing several different things and loving them for the most part. just getting organized is difficult.

My mood has been great recently. No crying etc....which is GREAT!!! That vns is working for that for sure.....AMEN!!!

Well gonna work on a few more things then head to bed. trick or treat tomorrow.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting nervous

OK ....I am getting nervous about getting my vns turned up on thurs. I am so used to it the way it is. I am not looking forward to the gasping for air and the change in voice that catches me off guard because it's stronger. BUT if it will help my seizures ONWARD I will go.....

I am trying to make money at home. Doing a couple jobs right now. But am always looking for more. I need to keep busy and feel useful!!! If you know of a good one[ no upfront cost please] Let me know!! On to bed...LONG DAY!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rate your Doctors

Did you know you can rate your doctors online and see how other doctors are rated? it's very easy.
I did two of my Doctors Jr/282768

It was a very simple thing to do. It's important for others to share their information about a doctor so that patients hunting for new doctors have as much knowledge as possible.
To rate your doctors go to

New Job and Getting it turned up again

Ok so first....I have started working from home. First as a Cha cha guide for an online search engine...WAY COOL!!!!! And secondly, as a customer service phone rep at home. This of course causes me some's why. Well I get my VNS turned up again on Thurs. And I haven't had it turned up in 2 plus months. I am nervous about the voice issues and adjusting WHILE doing my at home job on the phone. I guess if I had a sore throat it would be ok..It won't happen on every call. Should be interesting to see what goes on though.

My vns has SO HELPED my you can tell I AM WORKING!!!!! But the seizures benefit has not been shown yet....SO time will tell.

You know what else is weird...My brother is a photojournalist[ ] and he is doing a story on VNS for treatment resistant depression and the doctor and patient were glad to know he had first hand knowledge...
In fact here's a picture he took of the vns that this woman was having put in...But it's the exact one I have in...pretty cool huh....I will post the link to the article when and if he has one....I can post hehehe