Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Job and Getting it turned up again

Ok so first....I have started working from home. First as a Cha cha guide for an online search engine...WAY COOL!!!!! And secondly, as a customer service phone rep at home. This of course causes me some's why. Well I get my VNS turned up again on Thurs. And I haven't had it turned up in 2 plus months. I am nervous about the voice issues and adjusting WHILE doing my at home job on the phone. I guess if I had a sore throat it would be ok..It won't happen on every call. Should be interesting to see what goes on though.

My vns has SO HELPED my you can tell I AM WORKING!!!!! But the seizures benefit has not been shown yet....SO time will tell.

You know what else is weird...My brother is a photojournalist[ ] and he is doing a story on VNS for treatment resistant depression and the doctor and patient were glad to know he had first hand knowledge...
In fact here's a picture he took of the vns that this woman was having put in...But it's the exact one I have in...pretty cool huh....I will post the link to the article when and if he has one....I can post hehehe

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andy said...

Hey Kim, My Son also has a VNS, Looks like his is smaller than the one in your post..

Is his a Childs VNS or are the newer models just a little bit smaller

Check it out.