Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting nervous

OK ....I am getting nervous about getting my vns turned up on thurs. I am so used to it the way it is. I am not looking forward to the gasping for air and the change in voice that catches me off guard because it's stronger. BUT if it will help my seizures ONWARD I will go.....

I am trying to make money at home. Doing a couple jobs right now. But am always looking for more. I need to keep busy and feel useful!!! If you know of a good one[ no upfront cost please] Let me know!! On to bed...LONG DAY!!!

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Teresa said...

Hi. Im not sure whether or not this helps but I have the VNS for depression and I have had my device turned up 3 times since Dec. 5 2006. At first I was afraid but know I look forward to it. Believe me it is not real comfortable, but I think about the long term effects and feel better!! I hope this helps.