Saturday, February 18, 2006

Good Morning

It's 930 am the day after surgery. It's almost 24 hours post op. I am still numc under my whole chin area although i am more sore than i was last night. I slept in the recliner last night....I was told byseveral people they had to lay at 45 degree angle for 3 days after surgery. I was note given this after my surgery at all in fact in post op i wasn't in a 45 degree angle either!!

Anyway I still cannot feel the spot when the stimulator is but i am very swollen still. The area under my arm is VERY SORE and makes using my left arm as leverage for say getting up out of my chair more difficult. I can kind of see the incisioin under the bandages under my right arm--they couldn't cover it all the way due to location. it's about 3-4 inches long running up and down my body. The incision on my neck is covered but feels so very stretched due to the swelling feels like i swallowed a baseball. i can't see the incision but it's swelling towards the back of my neck, but this is expected.

My throat is no longer numb SOOOOO my throat is now very sore from the tube!!!! i am hoping to eat some eggs this morning and wathc olympics again--- can you believe the womens hockey team is playing for the bronze MAN!!!!!!

Ok off to rest.....

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