Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day 6

Well I haven't posted in several days. I have not been feeling well at all. The cold I stopped so I could have surgery cam eon full force after......I still have a very deep cough and it hurts SOOOOO badly when I cough. I saw my surgeon yesterday and everything he says looks good. The neck being numb is normal. He had to pull things out farther for me as I told him I sing and needed to sing in two weeks time post op. so he took extra precaution for my neck surgery. The actual stimulator was placed in my armpit area. I cannot feel it yet. There is still TONS of swelling at both incision sites. He changed my pain meds from the oxycodne to tylenol 3. I had trouble taking the other as it made me sick. So hopefully with this one I can get some sleep. I am a naturally left sided sleeper and this not being comfy laying on my left side is making it hard to get the rest I need. I have slept two nights in bed the rest has been in the recliner where I actually get a better nights still[ this from a woman who can't just nap sitting in a chair!!!!] I have to be feeling well enough to go out this weekend as my oldest son has a county choir concert Sunday afternoon and my daughter has a district choir concert Saturday afternoon. Since I don't drive anyway I can take pain meds to help me out.
I don't like taking them in general so I save them for when I really need them. You don't heal as quickly as you think....I mean you hear outpatient surgery and you think can't be all that bad. Due to numbness in my neck I have to eat slowly and chew slowly as I don't have ths swelling abilities completely back yet....They are getting better though.
I haven't posted much as I didn't want to seem as if I was complaining.....I know it's a long road.....But feel people who are reading this should also know if they make the decision any information they can gather might be helpful.

I will post pictures as soon as we crop them---we have them dated etc....
Talk atcha soon

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Christa said...

I know exactly what you mean Kim! Scott thought that he would be able to go back to work 4 days after having his VNS implanted. However, we found that it actually took him several weeks - almost 3, I believe - before he was feeling back to normal. He still suffers from some minor discomfort in his chest and his neck is still tender at times; however, he is now able to move his arm freely and without pain. Take your time and let your body heal. Try not to push yourself - I know that is especially hard when you're a mother. While the surgery may have been performed as "outpatient" it is important to remember that it is a major operation - one in which a foreign object is placed within the body. That in itself takes time for the body to adjust. So take as much time as you possibly can and rest.

Take care,