Monday, February 27, 2006

I went shopping

Now to most you are probably saying SO WHAT...well first off shopping is my way of getting out of the house in general since i don't drive....SO i decided we need groceries and i am sick of looking at my house. We did our shopping. My arm incision is TONS more sore---turns outpushing a full grocery cart wasn't so smart--I am sore so sleeping should be fun or not...My neck is also very stuff----especially where i think the wires go to the stimulator in my armpit.

I am also worried about the location of the implant. It's running on my left arm and seems to move more than i think it should. It also doesn't appear to be FLAT against my skin but inserted into my muscle all i can feel is the edge of it NOT the face....wondering if this is gonna make it difficult to turn on in a few weeks. I have to wait til i am cleared march 15th by my surgeon to have it turned on. Since i was so ill with coughing and congestion the surgeon wants to make sure things are healing well enough. Theya re a bit delayed as nothing in my body wanted to heal while i was coughing. Today was the first day i haven't completely coughed my brains out. I still have congestion and have to vlear my throat when talking lots---but that is to be expected coming off surgery AND a severe bronchitus like cold.....Hopefully i will sleep well and not be too sore in the AM.

It sure was nice to get out of the house though. but i am sure i will need to rest tomorrow.!!!!!

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