Sunday, February 19, 2006

Day two post op

It's Sunday morning and i was able to remove my bandages this morning. I slept for a good 8 hours last night. I am still having some numbness in my left neck and face...and hoping that as the swelling goes down so will the numbness. Hope that is not a permanent side effect.
I took some pictures and will add them as i crop and submit them on here.[Here are the pictures i promised----right is my face, left is my armpitarea. this is 48 hours post op] I have not been able to shower yet and I am still pretty sore but am taking as little pain meds as possible as i don't want to deal with the withdrawl of the meds. I am eating alright although i have to really concentrate to chew and swallow and not choke. I am getting some of my taste buds back as well...since it seems my left side of my tongue isn't as numb.
I am hoping that tomorrow is the last really bad day and that i start feeling better after that...I am sure the shower i get to take later today or tomorrow will surely help on that front. Right now i don't feel strong enough to stand in the shower. I am too shaky so am waiting til i am safer....
Will write more soon..i sure hope this is helping people understand what i am going through if you want or need more information please let me know


Emeriol said...

Good luck with your recovery. I highly recomend at least 10 days of rest before going back to school or work. I was up trying to go to work after only 7 days, and it was too soon, I could barely make it through the day... I was very week by the end. I wish you teh best. BTW, thanks for the link, I'll send one back to you! :)

Kim M said...

i agree i am at day 6 and i am still way way not ready to be out in the world!!! thanks and glad to hear you are doing better

Christa said...

Hi Kim! I completely understand your hesitation to taking the pain meds - Scott had the same reservations. However, as I told Scott, if you are in pain you need to take the meds. You shouldn't have to take them for very long - probably no more than 2 weeks - and should not suffer from withdrawal. So please, by all means, if you are in pain, take the meds the doctor has prescribed for you. It is very important that you get the rest you need to recover from the surgery and if you are in pain you will not be able to rest comfortably. I hope you are feeling better soon and I pray that the VNS will work to help reduce - if not eliminate - your seizures.

Christa (Scott's wife)