Monday, March 27, 2006

well i am ON!!!!!!!!1

Well at 4 pm EDT today....i had my VNS implant turned on....

it's weird....makes me gag and choke..i am on .25 every 5 minutes for 30 seconds...
it doen'st really change my voice it just makes it sound strained...the coughing is NOt fun but there is NO pain thank goodness.
I will be at this rate for a month and he will UP he thinks i need to be over 1 before it will work



HelenGloria said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for explaining VNS and your illness. Kim, my heart and my prayers go out to you. You are so young to be dealing with this.
But, Kim, you are also truly blessed---three fabulous children who you must be raising to know the Lord. Bless you, dear heart! And, a loving husband of seventeen years who stands by your side every step of the way.

Honey, you are one lucky lady!!

Oh, yes! Did I leave out your artistic talent? Kim, you bring so much joy and happiness to others with your ability to master PSP. Not everyone can learn even the basics of Paint Shop Pro, but, you have. You are so creative and your work just exceptional.

Hon, you will be in my thoughts and prayers and I sincerely hope this new procedure works. In the meantime, you hang in there and, always remember this: In Cyberland you, Kim, have many friends who admire and adore you.

You ARE truly BLESSED!

GOD bless you and yours,

Gloria [Missouri-USA]
Stroke Survivor..5 years
Lupus...1 year
Right arm paralyzed from stroke
Bedridden due to foot surgery gone awry..3 years

I, too, am very blessed. Four loving children, 15 precious grandchildren, 1 fabulous great-grandson and 1 adoring husband of 48 years come this September.

Each day is a gift and I am thankful to be here with my loved much to be grateful for.

Kim M said...


Thanks so very much for the kind words and taking the time to share them with me. As you must know when you have challenges such as this...praise is sometimes a much needed bring a SMILE to ones face....Praying that you have a SUPER day...

Emeriol said...

Glad to hear you got your VNS "turned on"! I know it is uncomfortable, but that is the side effect. You will get "used to it" in time... hopefully a short amount of time. I just got mine turned up to 1.0 mAmp. It is making me cough like crazy as I write this.

About the "choking feeling". I found that if they turn the pulse width down it really helps. Mine is at 130. They start it at 250. I highly recomend that you have them turn it to 130. In the mean time, that coughing is going to hurt as your neck is still not completely healed.

Take care. Keep posting! Christa and I always read!

Kim M said...

Thanks u2 glad to konw i am getting hits....should checkt hat out sometimes--jsut visited you at your home HUGGLES