Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I am frustrated

Well i am officially frustrated...I now have a stitch that's BLACK that has popped up in my arm incision--but the one on my meck that's clear is bigger as the top of the incision is opening more...Called the dr---he said to keep it covered and put anti biotic cream on it twice a day and he will see me in a week...he might have to then RE stitch me in that area if it's open too much...wondering why one stitch is clear and one is black...wondering if either are NON dissolving and are there to hold something in place---WISH I KNEW WHO TO ASK now that it's the middle of the night

I also have an issue....with the feeling in my neck--it's still numb to mid chin and partof my check and such---but it seems i am getting some feeling internally but it is hurting my ear and my jaw and my teeth and there is a feeling like when i move its pulling and tingling---VERy is NOT on yet--as the surgeon wants to make sure it's all healed well first..
I don't blame him for that at all--patience is what i need--and well i have no more pain meds but i am having trouble getting comfy when i sleep---i am 2.5 weekspost op and want to fell better physically---maybe i am expecting too much

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Herb said...

Dear Kim,

I would like to say, “Hi” and to express my appreciation to you for sharing your experiences with the VNS Therapy for all to read.

I would appreciate if you could answer for me why the surgeon appears to have used a vertical incision in your neck as opposed to a horizontal incision parallel to the natural creases in one’s neckline?

I would also like to share with you and your readership my advocacy for education an informed an un-coerced medical decisions. We maintain a proactive patient advocacy website and message forum that you might also be interested in reading and possibly participating by sharing your experiences and knowledge.

The website is:

The link to the site is:

We extend our best wishes to you for a speedy surgical recovery and most importantly we cross our fingers in the hope that the VNS therapy option brings you the wellness you seek.