Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Surgeon Visit and Update

First off if you scroll down I have posted the images from 3 weeks post op. FUN HUH LOL

Today I saw my surgeon again. He prescribed MORE pain meds..As the area under my armpit is EXTREMELY sore and well----men drs don't seem to think about things like BRA's when they put that thingy in me...When I mentioned it today he was kind of like OH YEAH!!!
and did say when he opened me next time to change the batteries---in 5 plus years....He would move it up and over a bit if her could.

So I am bra shopping gonna have to do a sport bra I guess...Most comfy on the spot I hope.
He cut the stitches that were popping through and told me he would see me April 6th about a week after I get my gizmo turned on.

he said the location of UNDER my arm....Makes it a more difficult that area you move more and the vns in implanted into muscle area...

I am gonna have to do more reading on the armpit option and see what I come up with.
Hoping that the soreness will go away SOON..He told me to wear my bra more often so my body gets used to the implant and the bra...SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN>>>>>NOT I don't like hurting but I will do as he says----

Off to bed LA LA LA ZzZzZz{{{snore}}}} ouch don't lay on your left side that HURTSSSSSS

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Herb said...

Dear Kim,

I am sorry to read about some of your difficulties and I wanted to thank you for giving me the explanation as to why your surgeon had to utilize a vertical neck incision.

I would have liked to share my knowledge with you prior to the surgery. It would have given you much to think about especially as to the placement of the pulse generator in the armpit region. I would like to suggest to your readership for those contemplating the surgery to review some of my collective thoughts on the subject.

As I’m sure you may know by now, everyone responds differently and that also applies to the healing process from surgery. In my spouse’s case she has had the VNS surgery twice, once for the initial implantation of the pulse generator and the lead and the second time only to replace the pulse generator. In both instances, in her case, the surgeries were uneventful and she was up and around immediately with only the need for a couple of Tylenol.

One should not take anything for granted and therefore I would also recommend from our experiences maintaining a detailed journal especially as it relates to all the parameters settings of the pulse generator. Knowing all the settings may prove beneficial later on should one encounter side-effects.

Although I am unable to share any experiences and knowledge from the standpoint of Epilepsy as Joyce was implanted for purposes of TRD (Treatment Resistant Depression), there is much in the way of sharing we can offer as it pertains to the prosthesis.

Good luck and patience is in order.