Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One full day ON

One full day on now..and the area of my incision which has been numb is a tad tender--the area all the way up to my check is still numb though. I have sugar free candies to suck on to deal with the gagging and coughing feeling.

My one friend[[[[HI DIANNA]]]] said last night it sounded like i was straining my voice...wondering about that...hope i don't lose my voice..how am i gonna yell at my kids JOKING>>>>sort of LOL

I don't get it adjusted again til the 26th of April....which is almost a month--I do have the settings written down but they are down stairs...dang it's dark i will bring them up tomorrow
it's still pretty low of course...
i will take pictures in the future but not much to look at now...just color and swelling changes...

My youngest two learned how to trigger the vns today--my daughter is kind of freaked by me having something IN my body--WELL DUH--i would rather have a couple new cars instead haha...but i wanna be able to LIVE!!! the dr is praying it works for the depression..Last night i had dreams that it didn't work at all..for either--and i was so down..i can't think that way
Ok off to LA LA land...hope i sleep better tonight

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