Sunday, April 09, 2006

Well it finally happend

Well it was bound to happen. I had a seizure this morning on my way up to communion in church. I have about 90% of my seizures in the morning..before noon and the odds of it finally happening at church was pretty good.
I am lucky--several nurses attend our church and sat with David in the isle while i came to. People came up to me after church and emailed me once i got home to tell me NOT to stay away---to not let me falling on my face in church keep me away.
I am hoping eventually that the odds of having them get slimer as my vns is turned up--or if nothing else the depression/anxiety gets better...we shall see as i get it turned up again on the 26th.
Thanks to everyone who got me through today..Especially my family and the people at church who cared enough to help and not ignore me once it was over.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

We don’t ignore you but in fact are pulling for you although from a distance. So hang in there. Nothing in life is perfect; we only spend much of our lives trying to make it so.



Emeriol said...

That really bites that you had one at church. Two weeks ago, I had my first one ever at work. It was pretty bad too and no one knew what to do. Luckily my co-workers were able to call my wife.

One thing that the VNS can do is increase the number of seizures you have, or even change the type or intensity of seizures. When I recently had mine turned up, I think that it was too much and I had another Tonic-Clonic seizure.

After more reading through the VNS physicians manual, it became clear that many people on a lower setting had similar or better results than those on a higher setting. Work closely with your doctor to get the settings right. Sometimes it's hard to convince them that you may need a reduced setting, but remember, its your body - you can demand that they change the settings.

Take care!

Helen said...

Dear Kim,

I just came across your blog for the first time today and see a lot of similarities between us. I am 41 years old, I have one son Daniel 16 (I couldn't have more children because of my health) and I am also a stay at home mother and wife due to my health issues. I also have a VNS (since May of 2004). I have complex partial seizures with secondary generalization. Like you I also suffer from depression.

When I first read your entry it reminded me of a grand mal seizure I had in church a few years ago. It was devastating to me, but like you everyone came up to me to let me know that I should NOT stay away and that I should continue to sit in the front pew. People never cease to amaze me sometimes.

I hope things are going well for you.

HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.


Jen said...

Hi Kim -

Just wondered how you were doing since you haven't updated in a while. Hope things are going okay for you.